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Monday, October 6, 2014

Can I have your wayward stare?

(Lace up dress: H&M Trend, Strappy bra: H&M, Purse: ASOS, twee cowboy shoes: Emma Cook) #teenvogue

Got me some new shoes via eBay then stomped around in a field getting them wet. Kinda love this dress but I am at a loss with what to wear it with other than blatant underwear. If anyone has any suggestions please comment below. Help a girl out to wear more clothes.

With love from,

Emma x

Monday, September 29, 2014

Girl Scout cookie

 (Raccoon/ Cartoon Dress: ChicWish, Red ammo belt: Karl Largerfeld, Beat-up loafers: Zara, Bag and scarf: Vintage) #teenvogue

This is the only thing I have ever purchased clothes wise that my boyfriend said was ridiculous. Considering everything, I am impressed it took this long. And I am not denying that this dress is ridiculous, it is hardly the product of a sane mind. But it has embroidered racoons- the cutest masked villains and a tent, and some lady bugs and a compass and a log and some blue tits and what I think is a portable record player. Basically it is an accumulation of all things I love about Moonrise Kingdom, except Suzy's cape coat (which I need some derivative of).

Zany purchase- just saying- but it makes me happy and clothes should do that. Plus some cute old lady in a cafe told me she liked my outfit, so it's grandma approved.

With love from,

Em x

Monday, September 15, 2014

We love giraffes

(Zodiac Top: & Other Stories, Wool skirt and bow shoes: Topshop, pleated under skirt: Zara, Giraffe purse: River Island) #teenvogue

Yup, Animals is spelt wrong, correct spelling for the name of the song. Or I have been misled. I have never been one to read my horoscope unless I am wanting a giggle at my predicted expense but this sweater is rad.

Although I totally lucked out on my birth month and year (Chinese Zodiac), either way I am the goat or the sheep. Neither are particularly flattering I must say. My sister was born in the year of the bunny and is a zodiac fish. So much zodiac envy.

Much love,

Emma x

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