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Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh what a web I have woven myself in

 ( Geometric dress: H&M Trend, Pink purse: River Island, Shoes: Peter Som x Made in Kind, Sunglasses: Celine, necklace: Vintage) #teenvogue

If and when I decide to spawn this dress will be a god send. Roomy. This was one of those items you were oddly attracted to, then you take it to the changing room and like it more than anything else you took in. Not sure why, but the maternity smock style was obviously doing it for me that day.

Much love,

Emma x

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Favourite Things

Favourite lip products

- I am cursed with chapped lips, this coupled with my anxious lip biting leads to some pretty unattractive lips. I have however, found a mix of products that I love and have really worked for me and my desert lips.  Nuxe Rêve de Mie is a perfect nighttime savior. It is heavy, so it really isn't the best for day to day wear unless you are conservative with the application. Homeoplasmine is a french product I picked up in Paris after some blog searching. It doubles as a talking point as it is also nipple cream (apparently). It is the best nipple cream I have ever had on my face. I have no idea how it works but it is the quickest and most effective fix I have found for my lips. Finally Smith's Rosebud Salve is the perfect every day one. Lightweight, pretty smell and a slight hint of colour. Just make sure it doesn't melt in your bag, but if it did I could relate to you.

My favourite guy graduated in July on the only day in Glasgow to not rain and be above 20 degrees. In a 100% wool kilt and robe he was a happy-hot bunny. I am very proud of this little hard worker who graduated with a distinction in Chemical Engineering. I am slightly bitter knowing his first wage though.

Bag- & Other Stories

I am into mini bags. I have always been a big bag kinda girl- just in case I saw an abandoned puppy and needed to carry it to the vet (my house), but there is something intensively satisfying about not having to sift through a sea of receipts and bobby pins to find my phone. With a mini bag you have to rationalise the junk you carry around on a daily basis. I attribute my new better posture to mini bags- no longer am I dragged down by a bag full of every lipstick I own.

With love from,

Emma x

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drink up Baby Doll

 (Graphic Floral Dress: ASOS Salon, Feather purse: River Island, Wire necklace: ASOS, Belt: Peter Jensen) #teenvogue

I bought this dress for my boyfriends Graduation Ball (I will never go for a long, shiny, polyester, fitted dress with diamonds on it for Prom/ Dances). This dress is fancy but not too fancy that you couldn't wear it again. I feel like Betty Draper but with less perfect hair, I love the old fashion silhouette and style. It's a classic. Check out the ASOS Salon collection, it's all kinds of pretty, perfect for those summer wedding outfits.

I am heading off to Croatia this weekend for two weeks of burning, hopefully when I return I will feel a bit more inspired to blog and pose for the camera- I have been pulling a lot of ugly faces in my last few attempts to take pictures. 

Emma x

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